Empower Network Hires New Legal Team for Kalatu Business Expansion in 2015

As an attorney who goes by the motto of “making things right”, we like to talk at length about everything that is trending and popular when it comes to the Internet business and commerce in 2015.

Empower Network is one of the largest network marketing programs on the Internet thanks to its’ proprietary blogging system and marketing training programs. In fact, over 150,000 people have signed up to Empower Network and use the information and products to grow an online business which is why we decided to take the time and make the effort in diving deep to the legalities of their model and what you should be weary of as well as aware of for the long term should you decide this is right for you.

So why do these people keep choosing Empower Network? After all, there are dozens of similar programs/network marketing opportunities online, so let’s see if the MLM laws are up to standard and if this could be the perfect fit for you moving forward.

Why Online Bloggers and Marketers are Choosing Empower Network

empower network supportHere are just a few reasons why social entrepreneurs and direct sales leaders are choosing the Empower Network as their business model and concept of the future:

Empower Network is simple/easy to use: The viral blogging system and soon to be ENV3 blogging system named Kalatu makes it easy for anybody to begin blogging, regardless of technical skills or graphic designing ability. Signing up for Empower Network takes no more than five minutes and within an hour you can have a fully customized blog ready for you to share with the world. Plus, you can do this for less than $1 per day as Empower Network offers a $20 per month all-in-one blogging system trusted by over 155,000 people.

The coaching/training contains legitimate information: Unfortunately, most information on how to make money online is garbage and worthless. Instead of having a plan of attack to start a real home-based business, most products deliver you nothing of actual value.

Empower Network on the other hand gives you real advice that you can use to create a course of action to start a real business online that makes you money. The skills and lessons you will learn apply to any online business, which is why Empower Network is so valuable for everybody.

EN is constantly improving: The Internet is constantly evolving and it can be difficult to keep up with the changes in technology. Empower Network constantly integrates the latest technology to keep your blog up to date. Likewise, Empower Network has released several new versions of its’ blogging system each year so you will always have the latest and greatest plug-ins, themes, and tools to grow your online business.

empower network kalatu reviewEN is a proven system to make money: There are literally thousands of Empower Network users who are making over six figures in a year – simply by using the tools and information offered by Empower Network. If you use the information presented to you, then you’ll likely be able to do the same with some hard work.

Empower Network uses a proven formula to actually increase sales and leads. Business owners can dramatically improve their sales and leads by using this formula as evident by the thousands of success stories all over the Internet. Be sure to research more direct sales laws in depth so you have a better understanding whether or not this system (that is only 3 years old) fits what you are looking to do.

Harold’s Final Thoughts

Anybody looking to start or grow an online business would be wise to join Empower Network. There simply is no better option available and the release of Kalatu may just revolutionize the blogging world. Empower Network has thousands of success stories and its’ an incredible program and marketing opportunity that any businessperson can use to start making a serious income online.


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