Debt Relief Grants The Government provides debt relief grants for the individuals to improve the economy of the country. Once you received the grants you can use the money for the mentioned purpose as they donít have any interest rates, no taxes and they donít have to be paid back. The government authorities will check whether you are using the money for the stated reason otherwise you will be penalized. Individuals with less than eighteen years of age cannot access all the types of grants. They can be used for paying the debts, college loans, and mortgages. The individual with bad credit will now get the low interest loans offered by the government. The amount depends on the type of the grant you choose like $50,000 for the business. Every year the government allots billions of dollars for the grants and with the money received you can pay the debts and with the remaining you can put in the business. Most people opt for the debt relief grants because they can get rid of the debt very easily in a secured way. There are many types of grants and you can choose depending on your needs. You can analyze all the methods to come out of the debt and the last methods is the bankruptcy, with this you are not forced to pay the debts but it creates a negative impact on the individual that affects the business. You can search in the newspapers and magazines for the reliable grants.